” Direct Advertising Exchange Network That Actually Works! “

100% Run-n-View

What is it …

Simply the thing that I am shall make me live.
William Shakespeare

A cloud based traffic exchange network designed to help you promote your site by increasing the number of visitors that actually view your site.

  • Does NOT break any policies
  • Alexa & Google Friendly
  • Full ADs Ready & Safe
  • Full Java Support
  • Full Flash Support
  • NO Proxies
  • NO AdBlock
  • NO iFrames

100% You-Control

How it works …

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Leonardo da Vinci

For every visited site you may receive up to 60 visitors back to yours. Guaranteed, Unlimited and Unrestricted 1 to 60 exchange ratio!

  • AES 256 Encrypted Traffic
  • Cloud Views Exchange
  • 1oo% REAL Visitors
  • Unlimited Sites to Promote
  • Auto/Manual Site Viewing
  • Random MINIMUM Time to Visit
  • Random Site Referrers
  • Random User Agents

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LITE (€5/month)

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Custom Referrers
  • Custom Time
  • up to 1:3 Exchange Ratio
  • Reward 1 credit / visit
  • Manual Surf Earnings
    50 %
  • Auto-Surf Earnings
    25 %


PRO (€9/month)

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Custom Referrers
  • Custom Time
  • up to 1:9 Exchange Ratio
  • Reward up to 3 credits / visit
  • Manual Surf Earnings
    100 %
  • Auto-Surf Earnings
    50 %


…too good to be true !?

  • To make things even simpler, you DO NOT need to create an account to enter the exchange.
  • You can use your Reward Credit to purchase other software (bots) from our site
  • The Traffic Exchange Network is a community project and NOT a fake traffic system!
  • The more you visit others the more points you earn and more traffic you receive… it’s common sense!
  • We DO NOT sell fake traffic nor manipulate any website ratings.
  • We DO NOT use nor allow the use of proxy servers to generate fake visits to any website.
  • We DO NOT save any information related to the websites visited by our members.

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